The web site now uses a secure connection using RSA encryption over TLS/SSL to provide security for all pages that submit passwords and email addresses. It is not necessary for other pages.

Most major browsers are likely to give you an error about the certificate. This is because we use the community certificate authority rather than a commercial certificate authority. You can read more here about this. Please be assured that it is equally secure and that it protects your security when using this site.

The sign-up page has been re-enabled after the mail server was fixed.

Ocean Grid is still under construction at the moment, although it is mostly working during daylight hours, GMT+0/+1, although there are no guarantees during this period.

OpenSim versions from 0.6.8 are now showing region co-ordinates rather than grid locations. These are equivalent to the grid locations multiplied by 256. It is not a bug and the normal coordinates should be used for locating regions and for hypergrid.

We now have a new login screen which will inform you about grid updates or changes. You can now see how many users and regions are online, and more. Also, you may from time to time see an info window, which informs you about important news. Have fun!