All systems will be down during this time, including this web site. Service is due to be restored on 7 November.

A problem with parcel details in the grid's home region, Annwfn (7000,7000), has made it temporarily impossible to rez objects in certain parcels. If these become corrupted, either by parcels not covering the entire space of a region or if they overlap, the assets cannot be rezzed because the parcel identifier (UUID) cannot be resolved. It is not clear why this can happen, although it is fortunately rare. This has now been fixed.

One of the hypergrid regions, Caer Siddi (3000,3000), was unavailable temporarily and has been restored. Administrators should be more careful testing MRMs! ;-)

It has since been decided that only the four island sims will be routinely online, so this region is no longer available.

The grid is now listed on iDreamsNet in addition to having been listed on, OpenSimWorld [new in 2015-16], Hyperica, and previously for some time [now defunct for some years]. It does not seem possible to re-register with at present.

N.B. Sadly iDreamsNet was deleted at some time during 2014 and no longer exists. The original hypergrid listing site,, is also defunct. At the time of editing (noted in 2015-12-29, still unresolved on 2016-02-07) it appears that is having some problems with its database although I am assured that the service will be functional following a database sync operation.


The old Intel® Celeron™ CPU @ 2.60GHz has been replaced with a far more modern Intel® Core™ i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz x 4 processor, the available RAM has been increased from 2GB to 8GB and the server now has 1TB rather than 80GB hard drive space. Performance should be has been radically improved.