We have implemented offline group messages and offline IM received from hypergrid visitors. While the latter isn't perfect, it's the best we can do within the present OpenSim software. The main restriction is that you can't reply unless you teleport to the visitor's grid. Also, port information isn't available since this patch, so we have given you the best advice that we can in the email that you'll get if you receive such an offline email from a hypergrid visitor. The patch was well-intentioned and did not anticipate this side-effect.

Offline messages are now delivered by email as well as saved for when you log in. There is no facility to reply to offline messages by email, however, so you need to log in to Ocean Grid to do this.

The upgrade is complete, which has enabled all 1.x, 2.x and 3.x viewers to be used on the grid. The connection information on the web site will be has been updated accordingly.

We are now running a PSYC server that is backwards compatible with both IRC and XMPP. This meant replacing the simple IRC daemon ngIRCd with psyced. Information on how to connect is available on the website.

The recent upgrades to the web site had caused offline messaging and the ability to mute avatars to fail. This has now been restored. Note that receiving offline messages by email is not implemented.