Following the recent addition of Hypergrid events to the login screen and their notice boards in the welcome area on Annwfn, the home region of Ocean Grid, these events have now been added to the search function of the viewer for anybody who has registered an avatar on Ocean Grid. Of course, if you are visiting by Hypergrid, it is up to your home grid to provide you with such functionality.

This is the chance to meet more people in OpenSim, like old times in Second Life™. There are dances, tutorials and much more. Check it out! :-)

Thanks to Outworldz for the script that makes this possible (though you'll need to change the URL from the old HYPEvents service if you want to use it - remember you'll need to run the script regularly e.g. a cronjob on Linux). There is a bug with non-breaking spaces which I have temporarily fixed in my fork of the script.