The upgrade was performed successfully. All systems are working as normal, including the groups, profiles and offline IMs (except offline IMs by email to external recipients), as well as the Wifi web interface. The grid is accessible via the Hypergrid once again and listed on OpenSimWorld.

Offline IM by e-mail needs some further work so that emails are actually delivered. FreeSwitch voice is not currently available, nor is IRC but neither of these see much use either and are non-priority.

This version of OpenSim supports animated mesh, bakes-on-mesh and the new script engine YEngine, which are available on this grid.

To use YEngine, the code needs to be prefixed by the line //YEngine:lsl and for the additional functions you need to specify yoption includes as documented by Mobius Grid (incompletely at present) here - the default with no initial comment line is equivalent to //XEngine:lsl and will provide the usual scripting with LSL, OSL and MOD functions. Other languages (C# and VB.NET) are not secure at present and so are not available but YEngine provides functionality and structures that are a lot more like C#.

To Check

It would be worth checking if the Mute list now also blocks public chat, which it did not in the previous version.

Why isn't offline email to external recipients not working properly?