The cruciform cathedral church of St Eve and St Lilith has been erected above the castle in a mix of Norman and early Gothic styles on the former high fell in Celyddon (known to locals as Y Crib), containing the tombs of the two saints of the Hebrew Old Testament. Come to see the great spire and the four doors of the Tower of the Winds, a great rose window in the East, a pair of transept-chapels with the tomb of St Eve at the crossing, and a highly unusual interfaith retro-choir with the tomb of St Lilith beneath the floor. Wonder at the strange inscriptions and effigies. Changes have been made to the castle to secure the cathedral's defence from seafaring raiders and pirates. But all is not as it seems. Something nefarious stirs nearby on a mysterious, seemingly barren isle in the west, where the townspeople fear to tread... Is the town safe?