A new 512x512 island has been added to Ocean Grid, in a region called Manaw. For those with an interest in history and place names, this is the Welsh name for the Isle of Man and also of an ancient Brittonic or early Welsh kingdom near Edinburgh. Technically this demonstrates that varregions can have borders with regions of different sizes, which has been possible in OpenSim 0.9.x but was not recommended for previous versions.

At the time of writing the single parcel, which is in development, has the following description in Welsh and in English:

"Ynys fawr nad oes enaid byw arni. Gochelwch rhag y fampirod!
A large island without a living soul on it. Beware of the vampires!"

The same simulator has also now been used [2021-11-16] to run adjacent sea areas around the four original islands, the experimental region Rheged and the new island Manaw. Other than the sea areas, each of these are run on separate simulators. Simulator boundary crossing is more consistent and reliably faster between Manaw and the sea areas than it is between different simulators, which is perhaps not altogether surprising.

The total number of simulators on Ocean Grid is now 6 and the number of regions including the 5 sea areas is 11, up from the 4 original regions.

Perhaps it is appropriate for a grid called Ocean Grid that it now has more sea than land!

Note [2021-12-03] Some instability had been noticed for some time on the TLS regions using HTTPS including this one. It turned out to be a configuration problem where Monit was unable to test that the regions were online, including these ones and the large island Rheged, so was constantly re-starting them. This has now been resolved and they are working normally again. Their TLS certificates have also been renewed, as they were approaching expiry, but they had not expired and this was not the issue that was causing the problem.