Groups are now implemented, although group IM and other features are not fully working. Please do not create obscene or inappropriately named groups. We reserve the right to remove groups or restrict their creation, although we do not plan this.

It is not currently feasible to implement the missing features, though we will do so in future when made possible by new software versions.

The long-standing problem with group chat is resolved so long as members in ALL roles are set as visible by the group owner or administrator. Otherwise the group chat simply won't work. This is a known bug with the XmlRpcGroups module.

You can now leave offline messages. Please be aware that these may not be seen in a timely fashion by region managers or other administrators, who are required to provide an email address for this purpose. IMs may be capped if high volumes are received.

Note that offline friendship requests are not yet delivered.

The web site now uses a secure connection using RSA encryption over TLS/SSL to provide security for all pages that submit passwords and email addresses. It is not necessary for other pages.

Most major browsers are likely to give you an error about the certificate. This is because we use the community certificate authority rather than a commercial certificate authority. You can read more here about this. Please be assured that it is equally secure and that it protects your security when using this site.

An issue with the region server has been resolved and login is now back to normal.

The sign-up page has been re-enabled after the mail server was fixed.