The recent upgrades to the web site had caused offline messaging and the ability to mute avatars to fail. This has now been restored. Note that receiving offline messages by email is not implemented.

Profiles and search have been restored, and profile data has now been copied across from the old database tables to the new ones, so it will be visible in avatar profiles once again.

Profiles work fine in world, but profile text does not appear on the web site, following the upgrade. This is under investigation. Search works except for searches by place: this may be resolvable in future.

Profile text now appears on the web site, although the formatting needs work and is formatted correctly.

The ability to register new accounts was suspended as a result of the upgrade to OpenSim, owing to the incompatibility of the web site software. However, this is a small private grid and the functionality has not been required. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis by the grid manager.

This has been restored following the upgrade to the website software.

Upgrading to OpenSim has allowed groups to be restored.

Ocean Grid has been upgraded to OpenSim Although Hypergrid 1.5 i6 (OpenSim 0.7.0.x) now works, the star gates provided by currently crash the region simulator due to a bug with the LSL function llParseString2List, and thus crash all four sims on Ocean Grid. Please do not use the The star gate on Annwfn has been temporarily disabled until this is resolved. Please do not rezz your own star gate. It is now impossible to travel via Hypergrid version 1.0, i.e. OpenSim versions up to 0.6.9, as the improved security protocols in version 1.5 have deliberately been made incompatible with the earlier version to prevent exploits. Hypergrid 1.5 i7 (i.e. OpenSim 0.7.1-dev) is also incompatible.

Groups, profiles and search do not work at present, and the web site software will need to be upgraded. As a result, the ability to register new accounts and log into the web site have been suspended.