Following a recent technical fix, public chat on Ocean Grid is no longer visible on a public internet chat channel, given the potential privacy implications: nobody within an OpenSim region would be able to see who is logged on to the chat channel and therefore cannot know who is listening. Only administrators are now able to see this channel. Use private IM or group chat if you want greater privacy, as this cannot be heard even by administrators.

However, the server remains free for anybody to join. This is backwards compatible with Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and XMPP/Jabber. Please see these instructions for more details.

It is now possible to register accounts using an alternative interface.

The software used to run this web site has not been updated to allow registration of avatars for OpenSim 0.7.x. You will need to register at a major grid such as OSGrid and visit Ocean Grid by hypergrid. See the instructions provided.

We are aware that profile information is not working since the upgrade to OpenSim and will resolve this soon, although it is not a major priority at present. The partial search functionality that was previously implemented is also unavailable, but this may be largely irrelevant to newer viewers (based on 2.x and 3.x code) since it now works differently anyway. We are investigating this to see if we can find a solution; but it is not a major priority at present either, given low grid traffic.

Profiles have been restored.

Most of the search functionality in viewers based on 1.x code is also restored (except for the parts that refer only to Second Life (tm) but this is unfortunately invisible in the new-style web search in viewers based on 2.x and 3.x, e.g. Phoenix. It is possible, but awkward for beginners, to alter the Search URL to using the viewer debug settings, with whom grid owners can choose to index their grids using the core OpenSim DataSnapshot module. We hope that Firestorm and or the new Kokua viewer will implement a means to change the search URL automatically, and that OpenSim will add a setting for it. Imprudence and Phoenix are unaffected, as they are 1.x viewers.

Ocean Grid is now publicly listed on Metaverse Ink and

We have implemented offline group messages and offline IM received from hypergrid visitors. While the latter isn't perfect, it's the best we can do within the present OpenSim software. The main restriction is that you can't reply unless you teleport to the visitor's grid. Also, port information isn't available since this patch, so we have given you the best advice that we can in the email that you'll get if you receive such an offline email from a hypergrid visitor. The patch was well-intentioned and did not anticipate this side-effect.