You will notice that Hypergrid events has been added to the login screen. There are also boards in the welcome area on Annwfn, the home region of Ocean Grid, as in many other OpenSim grids including OSGrid. This is the chance to meet more people in OpenSim, like old times in Second Life™. There are dances, tutorials and much more. Check it out! :-)

The upgrade was performed successfully - we are now, however, often/usually running version, with which it is compatible. All systems are working as normal, including the groups, profiles and offline IMs (except offline IMs by email to external recipients). The grid is accessible via the Hypergrid once again and listed on OpenSimWorld. Some minor maintenance was required to restore the PHP world map on the web site.

The code for offline IM by e-mail has largely been restored (due to the upgrade to PHP7 causing some functions to be deprecated) but the SMTP server needs some further work checking so that emails are actually sent delivered. Some SSL certificates for web sites need some brief attention. The Wifi interface needs to be restored, although this is not critical because few people register: most traffic to the grid is via Hypergrid. FreeSwitch voice is not currently available, nor is IRC but neither of these see much use either and are non-priority. For back-end purposes, the settings for Monit need to be migrated to the new server to mitigate any downtime.

Ed.: (1) The Wifi interface is working again.

Ed.: (2) The new mute list module works, including the PHP back end: avatars are greyed-out and IM is blocked but they are not blocked on public chat as of OpenSim, which we are using for testing now.

Ed.: (3) Monit is working.

Ed.: (4) Resolved: there was a problem with mixed content on that blocked the reset password button from working.

There was is a small issue with V2 Offline IMs, i.e. it does not come with email support for offline IMs like flotsam does. Trying to revert to flotsam offline IMs did not work because of updates to OpenSim and server software has not so far worked. We have now tested and deployed new PHP code. The functionality has been restored using the V1 module is temporarily unavailable unless this can be resolved.

Ocean Grid has been offline since February 2016 because of MySQL problems but the database is now restored and the grid is working! The problem occurred because of the growth of the database: see details below for information.

No doubt there will be some things to fix as usual... Ed.: see the following post about functionality now restored and non-urgent work required.


Details of Problems Causing MySQL InnoDB Database Corruption

(1) The following needed to be added to /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf (a replacement for /etc/mysql/my.conf on some systems).

innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:10M:autoextend

However, to do this it is necessary to be careful to back up the database first! Details below:

Now the files ibdata1 and ibtmp1 will have enough space to be written. If this is not possible then ibdata1 goes out of sync with the database and the temporary file cannot be written, at which point MySQL will stop unexpectedly, even if you try to drop the database that is corrupted in order to restore it.

It is worth doing a backup of /var/lib/mysql/ (with MySQL stopped) as well as using mysqldump to make a SQL backup.

(2) 4GB memory restriction on old 32 bit operating system.

The system was i686 x86, i.e. 32 bit. This cannot address more than 4GB of memory and thus cannot write a bigger file in one go, which is what mysql tries and fails to do. It had been upgraded since the year dot rather than re-installed, which was why it was now on an x64 server that could and should be running a 64 bit operating system. The restriction has been removed by installing a new operating system and this reason for database corruption has also been resolved. It should be able to address more memory and run faster in general too.

Moral of the story: do not spend 3 years thinking your database is corrupt and cannot be fixed! The backup was fine and could be restored but the index file was getting larger than the default upper limit so this was causing the corruption to reoccur. Also, do not be lazy! Lesson learned.

The upgrade is in progress. All systems are Groups, profiles and offline IMs are working. Web interface in progress.

The upgrade was performed successfully. All systems are working as normal, including groups, profiles and offline IMs. The wifi interface that we use for user registration and web access to inventory is now provided via mono addins by Diva Canto, which is a change to how it is installed but does not affect service provision for the grid.