You and us

This grid is privately owned and does not guarantee you any legal rights over content that you may create or control inside it while it remains here. In return for using the grid, you agree not to hold us liable for any breaches that may occur as a result of the actions of other users. By registering an avatar and operating it inside the grid you agree to waive all rights over the content that you create or upload with respect to us until such a time as the grid may become a public grid and issues a statement on intellectual property rights to the contrary of this statement. If you refuse these terms, you should not register an account.

You and others

However, we will not knowingly allow breaches of such rights where they exist, and will make every effort to combat any breaches where they occur, for example where creations under copyright have been uploaded without our knowledge and against the wishes of their owners. You agree not to use the services to break any law, either in the jurisdiction in which the grid is operated (England and Wales) or in the jurisdiction in which you reside. By registering and operating an avatar, you agree that you are wholly responsible for any such breaches in all relevant legal jurisdictions, and indemnify us against any consequences of your actions.

Us and you

We nonetheless agree to allow you to use the content that you create for any legal purpose and declare that it is not our intention to exploit your content for our own advantage. Unless there is a practical or legal reason to the contrary, we will not make use of your content or claim rights over it. It is your responsibility to back it up and, although we will also do so for the convenience of users, we cannot be held liable for any loss, including deliberate deletion by us. This is a condition of using the grid.


Even where it is not illegal, you should not use this grid to express any form of discriminatory opinions towards others, including where your religious or other personal beliefs differ from theirs. If you are deemed to have acted in an intolerant manner and refuse to apologise to those affected, you will be banned, which may be permanent at the discretion of the grid operators and/or other authorised officials.

Sexual and other mature conduct (normally over 18 or whatever is the legal standard in your jurisdiction) in this grid is broadly similar to that expected in Second Life™. See here for details and consult the FAQs.

Sexual conduct does not include mere nudity or the non-sexualised display of anatomical parts of the body that may be considered as genital or otherwise as sexual body parts. Nudism, in particular, is permissible to non-minors who are within Moderate and Adult areas. Note that avatars with an erect penis or, for example, depicting ejaculation will always be understood to be engaging in sexual conduct unless there is a special and unusual, plausible reason (e.g. religious) why this can be shown not to be so. Nude dancers in clubs and private parties will be exempt from this rule only in accordance with the rules laid out below.

You should note, however, where the expected conduct and maturity ratings differ from that expected in Second Life™. In particular, non-sexualised nudity is allowed in regions rated Moderate at all times: therefore, any person not legally entitled to view non-sexualised nudity may never be present in such regions. One exception to this, despite being in a Moderate region, is the welcome area in Annwfn, where avatars should not be nude. Adult areas may not be accessed by those defined as minors in the jurisdictions in which they reside or who are not legally entitled to view sexual conduct. Avatars representing minors, even where operated by non-minors, must never be in Adult areas in this grid, must not be nude and must not engage in or witness any form of sexual conduct or language. They may not witness non-sexualised nudity if this is illegal in the jurisdiction in which they reside.

PG regions do not currently exist, but any minors who may be present in such regions in future must be able to show that they have the consent of their parents or legal guardians. It is not permissible to represent nudity or sexual conduct of any sort in any PG areas at any time, and sexual language is also forbidden in such areas.

If access is unrestricted, open areas of any region, or those visible from any such areas without walls and roofs, are public spaces.

Public spaces must not be used for sexual conduct between avatars, even in regions marked Adult. An exception to this is nude dancers who are members of staff in dance clubs, other public clubs or private parties, where permission is given by the owner of the club, party organisers and/or the grid administrators and where proper warning about sexual nudity is given outside. These will normally be expected to dance in designated, separate areas, where possible, not on the public dance floor. This is not a blanket exemption and it will include only: dancing suggestive of sexual conduct or arousal; avatars (of any gender) with an erect penis. It will not include depictions of sexual or other bodily fluids, depictions of sexual penetration or other sex acts; it does not provide exemption for any ordinary club members, members of the public or other non-designated staff.

For the purposes of public conduct, depictions of urination, defecation or bleeding are likewise restricted.

Private areas may only be used for sexual conduct with the proper authority of the owners. Administrators should not normally enter private areas being used for such purposes, but may do so if necessary. Private clubs are those where public access is not allowed, i.e. membership consists only of those who are members of a defined group, and where proper notice is given to that effect at all access points. Non-members are not permitted to enter such areas. If these rules are followed, the club does not fall under the definition of a public club and the specific restrictions on public clubs are lifted.

Sexual language must not be audible in adjacent public areas, in areas where it is restricted, or where there is any risk of offence to any individual present: it is strongly recommended that this is always confined to private instant messaging; individuals are entirely liable where their conduct breaches this restriction in any way whatsoever. Some leeway may be given within clubs that allow sexual nudity but only where it is not illegal, gratuitous, excessive, discriminatory or insulting, and in any event subject to the discretion of the club owners and ultimately the grid administrators. In the case of any doubt, it is strongly recommended that private instant messaging is used instead.

Sexual imagery is permissible in Adult areas, however, where allowed by law. It is recommended but not absolutely required that proper and visible warning is given at access points to such areas wherever reasonably possible.

Weaponry is allowed in all areas except where it is explicitly forbidden by land owners but it must not leave objects behind on land without the consent of the owner and it must not be deployed against or be used to threaten other avatars who do not consent to the activity in which it takes place. It should normally be sheathed or put visibly out of action where possible when other avatars are present who are not engaged in that activity, i.e. it will be for decorative purposes only in all other circumstances.

Spying is a breach of community rules: this constitutes observation without permission by the participants of areas in which private activities are taking place behind walls and roofs. This does not include administrators doing so for the purposes of enforcing the rules. Public areas are by their nature excluded from this restriction, although a general expectation of reasonable privacy may be expected anywhere in the grid.

Voice chat has been implemented on this grid. No users should be put under pressure to use voice chat in this grid, which will be regarded as a form of bullying. Please respect people's preferences in this regard as in others.


Ocean Grid welcomes avatars of all sexes and agents of all genders, not limited to male and female sexes and masculine and feminine genders, i.e. intersex individuals and non-traditional genders are welcome. The grid is LGBTQIA+ friendly and all visitors, residents and other users of the grid are expected to respect others in this regard. If you do not agree to respecting other genders while you are in Ocean Grid for any reason, you should understand yourself to have been correspondingly excluded from the grid and must expect administrators to enforce this. Although we respect freedom of religion and belief, we also expect people not to inflict their beliefs on others, so this does not permit the expression of intolerance towards other individuals on the grounds of gender (or any other grounds) while you are using our virtual world services.

Limited areas of the grid may be set aside for certain sexes and/or genders only, provided that the land owner has the permission of the administrators and that no offence is intended or expressed towards other sexes or genders who are asked not to enter into such areas. The mere physical exclusion of particular sexes and/or genders will not be considered offensive towards them so long as the purposes are simply for activities or communities confined to other sexes and/or genders. If it is deemed that offence was intentionally caused, the administrators may use their discretion to rule that a given area is re-opened to all avatars or, in extreme cases, remove the landowner.

We will not normally need to define the gender of individuals except where necessary to determine, for example, access to restricted areas. In these cases, within reason, we generally rely on the individual self-definition of those concerned in order to determine their gender, provided that their gender identity bears a plausible reasonable relationship to their physical appearance and no disruptive intent can be discerned. In the case of intersex, transsexual or transgender avatars in particular, we rely for the most part on such self-identification wherever disputes may arise. Wherever we can, we will prefer an inclusive approach in the case of any doubt. We are not the "gender police".

Our ethos

Ultimately, any content on this grid is intended to be open source. We expect this but do not enforce or police it unless required to do so by law. You can expect to be treated with the respect owing to any content creator. We hope you will enjoy our grid and act in the spirit of fairness outlined in this document.