Older Viewers - not recommended

If you are using an older viewer (1.x code) which implements the grid manager, such as Phoenix (formerly Emerald), Imprudence or Hippo, you can manually edit the grid information.

Next to or below the login details, you will find a button called "Grids" in Hippo, "Edit Saved Logins" in Phoenix and "Grid Manager" in Imprudence. The name and exact position of the button varies between viewers.

Click on "add" in the left pane, enter oceangrid or similar as the grid name, http://oceangrid.net:8002/ (insecure port, not recommended) as the Login URI, then hit the button "Get Grid Info". This should automatically fill the other fields. You can enter them manually if not. Hit "Ok" and choose "oceangrid" in the drop-down menu.

Now you are good to go.

You can also check out the list of third-party viewers for more options.