OpenSim Coordinates and Locations

Grid locations appear as coordinates multiplied by 256 (since OpenSim 0.6.8+); but you should continue to use the original unmultiplied grid locations for Hypergrid (and for locating regions). This may be confusing but it is not a bug.

You may have problems visiting grids with the same coordinates as the grid you are coming from: try visiting an intermediate location with different coordinates first.

Links to Other Grids

Although Ocean Grid is easily accessible as above, at present it doesn't appear as a neighbouring region on any other grid's map. If you are a grid admin and would like it to be linked to your grid, we are happy to consider this on its merits.

Previous Limitations on Coordinates

This bug has mostly now been fixed but may be an issue for some older viewers and/or grid versions. Due to a longstanding limitation in the way that the inherited LL viewer code interacted with the grid software, you couldn't teleport more than 4096, 4096 from your present position. If this still occurs, you need to go via a region with coordinates that are between those of your originating and target regions.

Older Versions of Hypergrid

The grid is now incompatible with Hypergrid 1.0 (OpenSim 0.6.x) and Hypergrid 1.5 i6 (OpenSim 0.7.0.x) for reasons to do with improved security. The standard Hypergrid 1.5 i7 (OpenSim 0.7.1.x) should be in use across all grids and this restriction should no longer be an issue.